Raise your hand if you have always wanted a go at Lash Art, but feel overwhelmed by the prospect.
Where do you start?
What theme will you choose?
Where can you find lashes and items to create your lash art?
Do you have the skills?

My name is Cindy, I am fairly new and unknown to the lash world, I trained in Nov 2014 and did it as a hobby along my full-time job, in Mar 2016 I was made redundant so I thought I want to have a go at full time lashing, within 10 months I was fully booked. 
I have started to dabble in Lash art, I entered some competitions with varying success, but I don’t really care how I place… I love what I create and as long as I am pleased with what I have created and done my best, anyones else’s admiration is a BIG bonus!

Cindy Nicholls

Anyone can do Lash Art! just like anyone can become a lash artist. Its the passion and practice in the subject that takes you to a higher level. 
If you are not confident in certain areas book on a course and learn a new skill, Do advanced lash training, master lash training, go on a workshop or hire in someone (MUA, hairdresser, Photographer etc) who can help create your vision with you. You do not have to do a lash art to enter a competition, you can do this for yourself, to raise you up.
I think that every lash artist should have a few professional lash picture/lash art to use for themselves to promote their craft and skill level, to set you apart from the competition! (You will never need a stock photo again)

If its something you have never done but want to try, get yourself a model and have a go! Doing is learning!

*select a theme that inspires you

*think of a simple colour palette that would fit your theme

*find your coloured lashes to suit your theme in the lengths and curl you need. 

*collect some of those nail art gems, they are the perfect size for lash decorations. Feathers are great and learn how to make lash flowers and make yourself little decorations to enhance your theme.


*if you are using anything on the face: adhesive, glitter etc PLEASE ensure it is all ‘cosmetic grade’ (e.g poly-glitter or bio degradable glitter)


*Have a practice lash on a strip lash with your colours to get how you are going to use the colours (never just wing it because it will not give the best result) … block colour… blended colours….layered colours in different curls… the possibilities are endless. There are no rules, apart from beautiful lashes are the end result.


*You don’t have to go for the whole head dress/costume, you can keep it very simple and just concentrate on one eye. So lash the eye you always get better results in and decorate that one eye… make sure your work is flawless as much as it can be, apply some make up to enhance your theme/coloured lashes (don’t forget the brows) because you are going to be zooming in..Take your time, do it to the best of your ability and take lots of pictures at different angles, so you can choose your favourite. Promote your skills by using the picture on your advertising and social media.
I look forward to seeing your creations #ultimatelashart (so I can see what you have done) x