The Importance of Colour


The majority of people will make a subconscious judgement of you and your business based solely on the colours and the logo you choose and 85% of customers affirm that colour was the primary reason why they bought a product. Vision is arguably our primary sense and the aesthetic appearance of a brand or the decoration of a salon and it's advertising will affect your client's perception of you and your business.


When choosing your colour scheme you should bear in mind the emotions that they provoke and how you want your clients to perceive you.


Red is quite an aggressive colour that signifies power and danger. It is a stimulating and strong.


Yellow is optimistic, fun and friendly and is great if you really want your brand to stand out.


Pink is feminine and sweet and a popular choice in the beauty industry.


Blue is cool, calming and clean.


Green is another cool colour and is often used by businesses that have a natural theme.


Purple is mysterious and spiritual.


Grey is calming and professional.


Black is glamorous and represent luxury, especially if you mix it with gold.


So have a think on what colour describes your business best. Once you've chosen your color scheme you need to be consistent and have it run throughout your business. Match in all your advertising, website, business cards, decoration and even uniform.