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When you fan your lashes you can choose to make them narrow or wide. Both types have their place in lashing and they create very different looks. Narrow fans are best used on clients with a lot of tightly spaced natural lashes. They add a darkness to the set and they give more uniformity as they do not criss cross so much. You can achieve extreme fullness that mimics a strip lash.


Wide fans are best for clients with sparser lashes or those that want a softer look. It's more of a messier look but provides better coverage.

Adding Texture & Density

Feathering Volume

It is possible to create incredibly dark, dense lash sets that resemble strip lashes. However, as impressive as those sets are I personally prefer to add a bit more feathering into my sets. This is just my personal preference and I'll show you here how you can achieve a bit more of a 'choppy' look using volume fans.

For a more feathered look you can put in a base of longer volume fans and then fill with shorter fans all along the lashline, alternating long/ short/ long....

You can do this using all wide fans if you prefer but I've discussed before the pros and cons of both narrow and wide fans and each lends themselves well to a particular kind of look but you don't necessarily have to pick one over the other.

To create this effect you can put in your structure using longer length, narrow fans and then continue until you have approximately 50% coverage that is evenly spaced. 

Then infill the spaces with your shorter, wider fans to add more density to the set.

 You can use the same curl for this or add in a stronger one. With this technique you now have a very full set but you don't get that very definite line that volume lashing usually creates. You don't have to mix narrow and wide fans, you could choose to use just one type. This is just to give you an idea of what looks you can achieve.

Example of a textured set