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Adhesive Curing

Our adhesive begins to cure when it comes into contact with moisture and this is why our humidity can affect our ability to lash so much. We can use moisture to help us as we are lashing and also afterwards to seal our sets.

Many lash artists choose to nanomist not only at the end of their sets but also during. This can be helpful if humidity is low and speeds up the curing time. But be mindful not to hold your nanomister too close to the lashes. If they become too saturated then when you attach you will likely get some blooming. This is when the adhesive cures too fast and becomes white and the bond brittle.


If your adhesive comes into contact with too much moisture too quickly then you can get shock polymerisation. This will cause a brittle bond and will cause your adhesive to turn white. You are less likely to experience this with volume adhesives as they are usually faster setting.


You may also choose to wash through the lashes after your treatment. This can help decrease the likelihood of reaction. If you choose to do this then wait about ten minutes after you have finished your set and cleanse and wash the lashes. By this point the adhesive will be mostly cured so shock polmerisation will not occur. Washing through will complete the cure.