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Where to Start

This isn't exclusively for volume lashing, you will need a process for classic lashing too. Now you have your technique down (or on the way), you have your lash map but you are not sure where you start and what order you will do things.

Structure First

Putting in a structure first is useful if you are unsure whether the look you want to do is flattering for your client. You start by putting in 3 lashes into each section to give you a skeleton of the set. You can then ask your client to open their eyes so you can check if the lengths/ curls are suitable.

Longest Length

My preferred method of lashing. I start with my longest length, apply in that section on both eyes and then work my way downwards through the lengths.

Lash to Lash

Another way is to work lash to lash. As the name implies it is where you work consecutively attaching extensions to lashes that are next to each other. You start at either the inner or outer corner and work your way along the lash line. This technique works best if you use an isolation tool and fast setting adhesive.