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Arguably one of the hardest things about learning volume is how to make the fan but what is equally important is how you are attaching your fan after you have made it.

To get a good bond we want to wrap the fan around the natural lash. This gives us multiple points of contact. To do this we need to make sure that our adhesive is still fluid enough that it allows each individual lash to move within the fan. This is so that when we press the fan onto the natural lash, the synthetic lashes move and bond to the curvature of the natural.

If your adhesive is setting too fast you will not get this wrap. The synthetic lashes will bond together and then you are placing this onto the lash rather than them all bonding as one. It's very difficult to master. If your adhesive takes too long to cure then you then have the problem of having to hold it in place until it sets and this can be very time consuming.

To wrap effectively you will also need to approach at an angle that keeps the base of the natural lash and fan in parallel. This angle will vary depending on the strength of the curl you are using. When attaching a stronger curl your tweezers will be angled closer to you than if you are attaching a weaker one.

When attaching you want to get your fan as close as you can to the eyelid without it actually coming into contact with it. As with classic your adhesive must never touch the skin.

To attach the fan,  press the base firmly on to the natural lash and hold it in place until the adhesive is set. If you are having trouble knowing when to release the fan then look at the appearance of the adhesive. When it is still fluid you will see a reflection in it but as it cures it will dull. When you see it's appearance become matte you can release your grip on the fan.