When you have finished applying your lash set I'd recommend brushing through them to make sure they are all facing the right direction and that none are loose. To minimise the risk of reaction you can rinse the lashes to remove any adhesive traces that may cause irritation. This should not affect retention if done at the end when the adhesive has cured. Applying moisture to the adhesive when it has not cured will cause blooming so do not expose the adhesive to water whilst you are applying and the glue is not yet set.


When the set is complete, remove the tape and pads and give your client some time to adjust. If they have been asleep they may be a bit dazed. When they are ready run through their homecare. It is a good idea to mention this in the consultation also and give them a leaflet that explains it. The lash industry has evolved from what it was so they may have been given different advice by other lash technicians. Cleaning their lashes is essential. There was a time when the advice given was to just leave your lashes and not allow any water to come in contact with them. These days are long gone and your clients must cleanse their lashes to keep them in good condition.

Extremes in temperature are still not a good idea though, especially within the first 24 hours so they must avoid saunas , steam rooms and hot showers.