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You  will notice that natural lashes do not all grow on the same level on the eyelid. The distance between levels will vary client to client and some will be much more obvious than others. When applying your coloured lashes you can attach them to different levels to achieve a different effect.

If your client wants colour but they want it to be subtle then you can apply to the top layer. The colour will only then be obvious when they blink. For more obvious colour, attach to the lower level where the colour will almost always be on show.

Colour Lashes

Using coloured lashes is a great way of accentuating an eye colour, adding a little drama or just personalising a set so it's unique to your client. They don't have to be too obvious, you can mix them in so that they look subtle or choose colours that do not stand out quite so much so that they do not look out of place in day to day life.


You can choose to apply them in a specific zone or you can add them throughout the entire lash line. If a client wants a particularly dramatic look you can even block fill them. I find that purple and turquoise are my most popular colours (until Christmas when it's all about the red and green!)


You could also apply the colour to just above the iris or add a flash of colour in the outer edge.

With the subtle use of colour you can enhance natural eye colour as well making the eyes appear bigger and brighter.


Which colours to choose...


Brown eyes- Blue, Red or Yellow


Grey eyes- Purple, Blue or Brown


Blue eyes- Purple, Green or Orange

You can put several colours in a lash set. Pink and purple work well together as do red and green (for those Christmas sets!). If you want lash colours to stand out then go for complimentary colours like purple and yellow. You can see which colours compliment each other by looking at a colour wheel online, you just want to choose colours that are opposite each other. When you are adding them in it's best to concentrate on them first so they can be equally spaced and then you can infill with regular lashes afterwards.