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The wrap around method or 'Candy Caning' as it is also known is a technique that provides multiple points of contact so lashes will be longer lasting.

To 'wrap' the extension around the natural lash you need to either approach from underneath and lift up or approach from the side and thread the lash. You need to ensure that the base of the extension is attached to one side of the donor lash, runs underneath and also attaches on the opposite side. 

Wrap around method

You can see the 3 points of attachment in this diagram. The pink area shows where the extension bonds with the natural lash on either side and the white area indicates the contact zone underneath the natural lash.

When you need to alter your angle of attachment you can anchor the very base of  your lash from above or from below. However, this creates a significantly smaller bonding area. To solve this problem, you can use the wrap around technique to not only add directional emphasis but to ensure a really strong bond.

Wrap around tutorial