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Bridging Gaps

You may find that some of your clients will have a gap in their lashes. This could occur naturally or it can be down to physical trauma. Perhaps they had a lash extensions applied previously that were too heavy or not bonded correctly or it could be down to hormone levels.

There is a way to bridge these gaps but you will need to use much lighter weights so you do not overload the healthy donor lashes causing the gap to widen.

Your first step would be to complete your base set as usual but not apply anything to the lashes either side of the gap. Once that is completed you can then begin attaching lighter weight lashes. You can stack these and angle them so they fill the gap. Depending on the strength of the natural lashes you may choose to use a 0.10 thickness and stack with another 0.10 (or go shorter with the length and use 2). Alternatively you can stack (or create a volume fan) with 0.07s.

Bridging Gaps