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Here's how I   grow my mailing list....

Attract More Clients

Are you struggling to grow your clientele?

I've been there and it is a worry, especially when you have bills to pay. You invest all your time and effort into something that you are truly passionate about. You get excited about the potential of your new business venture. You know that it is going to open up doors for you and then you launch and.......*crickets*.

When I was building my client list the world of social media was still in it's infancy so I relied on recommendations for the most part. I had a Facebook page but the paid ads weren't there so I had to build slow. Sometimes painfully slow. BUT with social media has come an explosion of opportunity. Thousands of potential clients right at your finger tips and you could pay Facebook to get your business right in front of them.

But Facebook ads can be expensive and not all that beneficial if you're not really sure what you are doing with them and how to target your audience and I have found a better way.

So here is how it works:

I have found a way to get the exposure you need with very little effort on your part. Imagine your clients doing all the work for you. Having them promote you and your brand and not having to do any of the begging that would usually entail. Getting shares and recommendations from your clients can be like getting blood out of a stone but they will happily promote you and your business. And that is because there is something in it for them. It's a mutually beneficial relationship and that's just the best kind, isn't it?

You offer an AMAZING prize!

(The kind of prize any sane person could not ignore)

To get this prize people have to give you their email and enter your giveaway. This gets them 1 entry.

But wait... they then get a chance to get more entries and a bigger chance of winning. All they have do is get other people to enter the giveaway. For every person they get to sign up, they get another entry. 

So they start to share your giveaway on their social media. More exposure, more people entering and they are more likely to win that prize.

More people see, more people share and your giveaway goes viral. You gain a massive amount of brand recognition for doing not much at all and most importantly your email marketing list should be exploding!

You're not limited to giving away a big prize either. You can offer other incentives to have them spread the word. Maybe 25% off a treatment if they get 5 more people to enter, 50% off if they get 10?

So  how  do  you  set  this  up?

The platform is set up for you and all you have to do is customise it with your images, offers etc. It's easy to understand and use and has a help section if you have any issues. The platform itself is created by Wilco de Kreij, a very successful marketer. I like Wilco because he is very genuine and not pushy at all. I can't stand it when I have someone trying to push their products on me and I have found that the people that promote themselves usually have to because they don't have anything behind them. Wilco is very humble in his approach and having tried his platform I was incredibly impressed and that is why I am recommending it.

My tips for using this platform

Make sure you use beautiful images. If you are offering a free set of lashes then have a really impressive photo of your lashes to draw people in. Avoid stock images if you can.

Make sure your website and Facebook page are attractive (be sure to let every entrant know your website address). Hopefully they will get curious and check you out. Don't let yourself down by having an ugly or unusable site.

It needs to be an AMAZING prize if you are doing a giveaway. 50% off a set of lashes isn't going to cut it.

Make your terms and conditions clear. You don't want any time wasters.

If you don't want your competition to know what software you are using then I recommend you make a custom redirect and link your giveaway to your site rather than the platform.

So  are  you  interested?

Now as with most things you do have to pay for this software but it is not expensive. You can pay monthly or for the year. I would recommend the Pro version so you can add your custom domain and have the 'Powered by' removed so your competition won't know what software you are using. That works out at $49 a month and Wilco even has a 30 day money back guarantee but I honestly believe that if you set it up properly then you will be really impressed and find it's well worth the investment.

So now that I have kept you hanging on I will give you the link to this platform! I hope you are as impressed with it as I am. Please let me know in the comments what you think and how you get on with it.