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Adhesive Pickup

Adhesives for volume can be very different to each other and I feel that it is down to each individual to find their own that they prefer. There are many different brands and I have found that an adhesive can work very differently depending on who is using it and how they like to work. Just because one lash artist raves about a specific adhesive does not mean that you are going to love it also. That lash artist may work faster or slower than you or just have a very different environment to work in.

In general, volume adhesives tend to be less viscous than classic adhesives but there are also many adhesives that can be used for both. 

Choosing your Adhesive

There are a few factors when choosing your adhesive. As already mentioned, your environment will play a big role in your decision but you also need to think about what you want from your adhesive. If you are learning then you probably don't want an instant set adhesive. By the time you get to the lash to attach, the adhesive will likely have already set and that's going to frustrate you. On the flip side, choose an adhesive that takes too long to cure and it is just as frustrating. You're either stuck babysitting that fan while it sets or finding your lashes stuck together when you go back through your work.

How much should you pick up?


In volume lashing we only use a very small amount of adhesive and it is only at the very base of our volume fans. Too much adhesive and you will find that it will draw your fan together completely closing it. Using too much adhesive will also add weight to the fan and we need to make sure that we maintain lash health by not overloading.



We aim to pick up the very smallest amount but you can adjust the amount if you are having issues with it's curing time. If the humidity is high and you need more time to attach then picking up a bigger bead will allow you extra time before it sets. To pick up a little more of a bead you just need to swipe quickly. Conversely, your humidity is too low and taking too long to cure? Then you will want to pick up less adhesive. To achieve this you need to dip slowly and deliberately.

Adhesive Pickup

using adhesive to close fans