Speed Lashing

Getting faster with your lash sets is something that will come with time and practice but there are a few things that you can do to help speed you up.

Raise your humidity

This will help you if you are finding that you are having to 'babysit' the fan for too long when you are attaching


Use a speed up solution 

Again, great for speeding up curing time

Isolate your lash before you pick up your fan

If you isolate after you don't have your other tweezers free to help you isolate tricky lashes



Some techniques are harder to master than others. If you are starting out and want to speed up I recommend boot tweezers as I find they have the best grip and are easiest to get the hang of with most pickup techniques. If you are struggling with a particular technique or tweezer then change it up. For the longest time I would use curved Dumonts for my sets but I have since swapped over to a couple of different styles and now I find volume much easier.



This is useful during treatment if you are finding that the adhesive is taking too long to cure. Adding more moisture will speed you up. NOTE: Do not hold your nanomister or nebuliser too close to the lashes!


Set up 

Is your set up ideal for working quickly? Make sure that everything is readily available and you don't have to rummage around in draws to get what you need. 


Make sure you are comfortable and that you are maintaining a correct posture. Discomfort will distract and frustrate you and cause you to lose focus. If you are comfortable you will be able to enjoy your work more and concentrate on what you are doing whilst speeding up naturally. This also extends to your eyesight. It is important that you are not straining your eyes. The work we do is so delicate and the application so precise that you need good eyesight and know how to take care of it. Good lighting is essential as well as regular breaks and eye strengthening exercises.

Lash Mapping

Marking your lash maps onto your pads can also save you time. If it is right there in front of you you will not need to keep checking what length goes where and just makes your life a little easier.


Using tape to pull back the top layer of lashes can be ever so helpful. Lash the top layer first and then use a lash pad or tape to pull those back and reveal the lower lashes. This will save you time on isolation. To remove the tackiness from the tape when you are ready to remove you can use Isopropyl alcohol.

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