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Quick Feathering

I've been lashing quite a long time and I find the other, more meticulous way of adding texture quite tedious. It takes longer and it's so easy to forget where you are and what lengths you should be adding in. Time is money and if I freestyle it a bit more I can do sets more quickly. I charge for my time so if I add texture and density to my sets in the following method, my clients can get a textured set without paying extra.

It also depends on what kind of person you are as to which method you prefer. If you like to follow instruction and like to have everything planned out you may well prefer the other method. I'm a creative person and just tend to go with the flow so I just judge my set visually. Having a perfectly applied set with each length exactly in its place, to an exact structure is great but can look fake. Sometimes it's the imperfections that make something look amazing. I don't mean having a mish mash of lengths with no graduation at all, that would look awful, but natural lashes aren't perfectly uniform. I know that my clients in particular want a set of lashes that are beautiful but they don't necessarily want people to know they aren't their own.

So here's how I do it. I don't worry about labelling my pads but you might want your lash map nearby so you can glance at it.

I've demonstrated a Dolly look here. First off, I add all of my longest length in (pink). I don't like to have to keep switching back and forth between lengths and repeating myself.


I just get all of my longest length down first. So now about a third of the lashes are attached on each eye. I leave enough space between the lashes to fit in the 2 other lengths but I just judge it visually. If it's not perfect it's not a problem.

Then I add in a second shorter length throughout the lash line (green), spacing them out evenly between the longest lengths and extending them further inwards and outwards so they graduate nicely. I usually add about 2 between each longer length, making sure there is enough room for the shortest length.

Then onto round three! Fill in the remaining lashes with your shorter lashes (orange), doing the same as last time and extending them further inwards and outwards.

And then finally, some very short inner and outer corner lashes, making sure to graduate them. At this point sometimes I might have a few free lashes and I just add back in some of the longest length. If you want a really textured set you can cap or stack on top of this.