Encasing the natural lash for improved retention

If you are having issues with your volume retention there is another technique that you can try. Usually with fan attachment you use the natural lash as a base so when you place the fan on top it wraps around it. This forms a stronger bond than classic one on one application but you can also 'encase' the natural lash.



To achieve this you need to pick up your lashes with the bases separated. It needs to be a slight separation as they need to be close enough together that they will still hold the adhesive.


Usually if you pick your fans up in this manner you can then loosen the tension on your tweezers when you place them in the adhesive and they will be drawn together. With this technique however, you want to place your separated bases into the adhesive and pick up a small amount of adhesive, you do not adjust the tension of your tweezers at this point. Instead you position this fan on the natural lash so that it is in the adhesive and when in position you then release the tension. The base of the fan is then drawn together as usual but this time the natural lash becomes trapped inside the bond.


I find the best way to get the bases to separate is to use a Scotch restickable dot as a holding bay but the technique you use will vary depending on the brand of lashes you use. Some lashes separate more easily than others so you may just be able to pick them up from the strip.

Encasing Video