eyelash extension training

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Adding Texture and Density

This is a technique that I have been doing since I very first trained and it is great for creating natural looking sets. You can also use this method if you want to add more dimension to a classic set. Feathering is where you mix in smaller lengths among the longer ones along the entire lash line. It's also a good way of making lashes look fuller as the shorter lashes fill any gaps between the longer lengths and create a more textured set.




I started out labelling my pads and texturising in this methodical way but this can be quite a time consuming way of adding density and you can quite easily lose track of where you are. I have added another page detailing how I've adapted this method to make it easier.   

Remembering where the different lengths are added in can be a little tricky so you will probably want to label the different zones on lash pad for this technique.

Apply 4 x 11mm

You will have to be quite systematic when texturising so you don't lose track of which length you need to apply next. I always start with my longest length, so in this case I would apply 4 x 11mm lashes in the 11mm zone, then 4 x 10mm lashes in the 10mm zone and so on until there were 4 lashes in each zone. These lashes need to be evenly spaced throughout each zone.

Fill in all zones with 4 lashes of the appropriate length







Take the length down by 1mm and apply 4 more lashes evenly spaced in each zone

Once you have done this on both eyes you will need to repeat the process but take each length down by 1mm. So in the 11mm zone you would evenly space 4 x 10mm lashes between the 11mm you placed previously. Then go to the 10mm zone and place 4 x 9mm lashes and so on until you now have 8 lashes in each zone on each eye.


When that is complete you do this a third time but take the length down by another 1mm again. 4 x 9mm in the 11 zone, 4 x 8mm in the 10 zone etc. Then repeat the whole process over again until all the lashes are covered and you should end up with a fuller, more natural looking classic set