Microfoam Eye Pads

Here is a little Lash Hack if you like to use Microfoam Eye Pads. Microfoam can be a great alternative to regular eye pads. It's spongy, leaving a good layer of protection between your tweezers and the client's skin, and doesn't contain all the ingredients that lash pads usually contain. This can be really beneficial, especially if you have a client that has very sensitive skin or allergies. Many lash pads can contain marine collagen which you do not want to use on someone with a shellfish allergy. AND it's not as harsh as micropore tape when you remove it so WIN WIN WIN.

To make your microfoam eye pads you just need: microfoam tape, a ziplock/sandwich bag, scissors and marker.

  1. Cut off a strip of your microfoam tape and apply it to your plastic bag

  2. Cut your bag to size so that you are only using one sheet of plastic. Leave an edge around the microfoam tape

  3. Flip your plastic over and apply another strip of microfoam to the back of the plastic

  4. Mark out the shape of your eyepads with your marker

  5. Cut them out

Each one will give you two microfoam eyepads with a layer of plastic sandwiched in between allowing you to remove them easily. Doing this in advance and having them readily available will cut down on your treatment time.