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Lifetime Membership All Access just £20!

Hi! Welcome to Lessons In Lash Artistry, an online Eyelash Extension training site dedicated to improving the technical skills of Eyelash technicians the world over. 


Are you a trained lash technician but are struggling to create beautiful, long lasting lash extension sets for your clients?

Maybe you have the basic knowledge from your eyelash extensions course but you feel like you have not yet reached the top of your game?

If so this site is for you. LILA is a community of talented, dedicated and most importantly friendly lash technicians that can help you reach your goals and make a reputation for yourself as an amazing lash artist!

What  is  on  the  site?


The LILA website is split into several sections. The main sections being Classic, Advanced and Volume Lashing. Each section has it's own topics, written and video tutorials and downloads. Click on the buttons below to see what topics are covered.

Video Tutorials to guide you through techniques and close up, visual demonstrations 

Written sections and detailed illustrations to help you understand theory,        styling and mapping

Printable PDFs to keep for your reference

Certification upon completion of case studies

eyelash extension training

What   is   included?




Membership to LILA will open up the entire site to you. You will be able to access all of the information and tutorials whether it's classic, advanced or volume. There are no renewal fees. Once you are a member, you are a member for life. However, you also have the added option of gaining certification in either Volume lashing or as a Master Lash Artist. If you would like this option it is an additional £120 per certification payable upon completion of your case studies and proof of your classic qualification. CLICK HERE  for more information on certification.


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