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Perfect Fans

To create the perfect lash fan you need to ensure that each lash is perfectly spaced and no more than one third of the fan is closed. You don't want Y shaped fans or lashes that have very wide bases known as T Bars.

The Perfect Fan will :

Be perfectly proportioned
Have a slim base
Have a uniform direction 
Form a deep V shape

Unlike Classic lashing you need very little adhesive to hold the fan together. Too much and your fan will close so you only want about 1mm coverage. Loosen off the tension in your tweezers ever so slightly so that your lash bases can be drawn together and dip into the adhesive at just the very tip.


Application techniques can vary slightly. When you place on the lash you either want to slide the lash down ever so slightly or you can 'bounce' the extension onto the lash. You should be able to see the fan wrap around the natural lash. If any fall out of place you can quickly manipulate them with your tweezers.