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Mixing curls can be an effective way of creating some amazing looking sets and also correcting certain eye shapes to achieve a certain result. When you assess your client's lashes you may find that certain zones lay differently but you can use different curls to give lift to straight or downward facing lashes or tone down a set if the lashes are very curly.


For a natural look you can add B Curls on the inner and outer corners and add a little bit of lift in the centre with a C Curl.

Mixing Curls

If you want to create a strong Cat Flick you can start with a B Curl on the inner lashes graduating into a C Curl and then into either a CC or D Curl depending on the degree of lift you are after.

If you get a client that has very straight or downward facing lashes you can apply C Curls in the inner corner and D curls along the remaining lashline to lift the lashes.

If the middle lashes are straight or you just want to open up the eye more you can add a CC or D curl in the centre of the eye

For a more textured effect you can alternate curls along the entire lashline but you will really need to concentrate if you want to create this effect!

When choosing your curls make sure they graduate seamlessly. Don't ever jump from a B Curl into a D Curl for example as the change will be too severe. You can graduate a B into a C.C into a CC and so on. L Curls are great for hooded eyes but can look a little harsh side on so add a few B Curls on very outer and inner lashes.