eyelash extension training

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Dual Capping

Dual capping  is a technique where you cap the base lash twice. I just like to do it in colour. This technique works best when you vary the curls. You could use all the same curl if you want a subtle effect but varying the curls creates more texture.


You  create your classic set as usual. Using a B Curl works best and then you use this as a base and cap. Firstly, with a finer (0.10) and much shorter lash (7 or 8mm) in a stronger curl (C or D) and attach it half way along the classic lash

0.10 9mm C Curl

0.10 9mm C Curl

0.12 13mm B Curl

You apply this first capped layer to every lash, attaching at the midway point except for when you come to the shorter inner lashes which are not long enough to carry 2 capped lashes. On these lashes you just cap at the base and then continue to cap a second lash along the rest of the lashline, again attaching at the base. The video below shows how to cap the lashes but unfortunately the colours do not show up too well. See the photos for a better idea of how the set looks.

Dual Capping in Colour

Dual Capping on a Model