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Having the right working environment is essential. The humidity and temperature is going to vary throughout the year and we have no control over these external factors but there are things we can do to make our lives easier and make our sets last longer.

Optimal bonding can vary between brands but if you want to generalise I would say the 50-60% humidity mark is usually a good start and around 19 degrees celsius. You will likely need to experiment to find an adhesive that works well for you but once you have found one you will want to keep your environment constant year round (or switch adhesives).

To do this you can invest in air conditioning, humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Our adhesives cure when they come into contact with water so the higher your humidity, the faster your adhesive will set. If you like to work fast then this can be ideal but a high humidity could also mean that the adhesive cures before you even get to the lash. In this instance you would want your dehumidifier.



You can also adjust the amount of adhesive you pick up. If the humidity is high and you need more time to attach then picking up a bigger bead will allow you extra time before it sets. To pick up a little more of a bead you just need to swipe quickly. Conversely, your humidity is too low and taking too long to cure? Then you will want to pick up less adhesive. To achieve this you need to dip slowly and deliberately.

Glue Dipping