When I volume lash I like to have the lashes and adhesives right in front of me. There are two reasons for this. One is  to speed up the treatment time by having them easily accessible and the other is because I find placing them directly infront of me places less strain on my wrists. You can buy these adhesive silicone pads from TPC Beauty and the Scotch restickable dots from Amazon.


If you don't want to adhere the pad directly to your clients skin then you can attach velcro to the back and attach it to a head wrap you put round your client. There are also other similar systems available to buy or just use whichever set up feels most comfortable for you. There are also lash palettes and domes that you can attach to the back of your hand and you may find these work better for you.

Volume adhesive tends to have a thinner consistency and a faster setting time. You do not need to use quite so much adhesive when volume lashing. Too much and it will take a long time to set or close your fans.  There are many different brands and each will have it's own optimum working environment. Make sure to ask the manufacturer for their guidelines so you can get the best out of the adhesive. Also check how they recommend you store it. Some recommend you freeze them, others do not.

Speed up solutions

If you are finding that your fans are closing when you place them you might want to try a speed up solution. These can either be applied on the natural lash or on the extension itself when it is on the strip. I would personally apply to the strip as it can be quite strong and would sting if you got any too close to the eyeball. However, if applying to the strip take into consideration how it may affect the tack.

Dehumidifiers, Air conditioning & Ventilation

These may not be a necessity depending on where you live but can be very helpful in managing fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels. Good ventilation is essential to protect your health so if you are unable to ventilate your work area by opening windows etc then it would be a good idea to invest in an ventilation system.