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eyelash extension course

Downward Facing Lashes

A fast setting adhesive will be very helpful in this case as you will need to hold your extension in place until it has bonded.

If you are new to this technique it can feel very unnatural but as long as you are getting a good bond at the base of the lash it will last just as well as if you are applying from above. 

It is not uncommon for a client to have lashes that face downwards but you will need to adjust your working method to accommodate. The issue here is that if you attach your extension directly on top of the natural lash, then the extension too will face downward.

For a flattering and eye opening effect you will need to attach from the side and anchor it in a more upwards facing position.

Downward facing lashes will sit on top of the lash pad when you have prepped. To make for easier application you will want to raise them up using the lifting taping method.

Attaching from the side gives you a smaller bonding area but allows you to alter the angle of attachment. Correct anchoring however should not effect the retention of the lash set

This diagram shows how you would normally attach your extension. This offers a bigger bonding area but attaching in this manner will not give your client a flattering look.