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This is quite a simple look to create and starts off with a classic set to which you then apply stacked lighter weights to the outer half of the eye and angle them so they point outwards. In the set I have shown here I have done a full set in B Curl 0.15s and then stacked with C Curls 0.10s. This draws the eye outward and is ideal for clients with close set eyes and also looks great on clients with a high arch to their brow.

You can vary the weights you use according to what you think the natural lashes can support. My model has very strong lashes but instead of a 0.15 base you could use a 0.12. The stacked lash doesn't have to be attached at the base to give the added length effect. You can use a short 0.10 but attach it half way up the base lash instead. Alternatively for weaker lashes you can use a 0.10 base and stack with another 0.10 or even a 0.07.


Creating a Sweep effect

Sweep Effect

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