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This set was achieved using C Curl 0.07s for the most part with some B Curl 0.06s for the very inner lashes. It's a base of 4D fans ranging from 8-13mm with 3D Hot Pink 0.07s capped (D Curl) to highlight.

Volume Set
Case study 

This diagram shows what I have done here. When I lash I tend to skip a length on my first pass and I do not put an equal amount of each length in the set.


So, I will start with my longest (13mm here) and attach those but then instead of going on to 12s next I start to attach my 11s and then my 9s leaving a small gap inbetween. I then go back for a second pass and add in some 12s, 10s and 8s but I put fewer of these in. I use these just to prevent there being too much of a 'step' in the lengths.

Volume Video