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Volume Set Up

When I first started practicing volume I would have much the same setup as I do for classic lashing but I found that where I would have the lash strips on the back of my hand, I was constantly rotating my wrist and having to hold it in place while I made a fan. After a while I started to notice that my wrist would ache a little and I was aware that if I constantly picked up fans this way it could possibly lead to RSI or Carpal Tunnel. So, I adapted my lash technique to use a silicon pad that sits on the client's forehead so I could make fans without putting any strain on my wrist. How you setup for volume lashing is completely a matter of personal preference however and you might find that having the lash strips on the back of your hand works great for you.


There are also domes that attach to the back of your hand that help spread the fans or there's always the glass plates that you can place next to the client's head.

You can use Scotch Reusable Dots as a base for the adhesive. These are also great as a platform for making your lash fans once you have peeled them off the strip.

This silicon lash pad adheres to the clients forehead and you can attach your lash strips. It follows the shape of the forehead which also helps fan out the lashes a little for easier pickup. I buy mine from Ebay from TPC Pro Beauty.

Working From A Tile

Other Methods

Alternatively you might find that keeping the strips on the back of your hand works well for you. You can get various tools if you'd like to try working this way including lash domes and palettes and gloves that you can attach to the back of your hand. 

Working in this way can be convenient as you can position your lash strip wherever you like. Many find that a domed surface helps splay the lashes for easier pickup but if you choose to work in this way I would just recommend that you are mindful of what pressures and strain you might be putting on your wrist.

You may prefer a tile to work from. Lash pillows make accessing tiles easier (as long as the one you have doesn't have sloped sides).

A benefit of a tile is that they can be stored so there is less wastage than if you are working from your hand or from the head. You can sterilise the lashes with a spray before your next client.

Keeping your adhesive beside you rather than infront of you also has it's benefits. Your exposure to the fumes will be decreased so this is ideal if your adhesive is particularly fumey.