Using tape to spread the lashes

If your client's lashes are so densely packed together that it makes isolation that little bit more difficult you can use the tape to pull the skin outwards and help separate. I turn in one corner of the micropore tape so I can easily grab and remove it at the end. Make sure you remove as much tack as possible as the skin on the lid is very delicate, especially on more mature clients, so make sure to support the skin with your ring finger as you peel the tape off.

Using tape to lift the lashes

This is a useful method if the lashes sit flat on the lash pad. Detack the tape and apply one end just above the lashline. Lift upwards ever so slightly to raise up the lashes, turn in the corner on the other end of the tape and attach just above the brow.

Always check with your Dental Mirror!

Taping the lashes is a great way of spreading the lash line to make certain parts more easily accessible but manipulating the lid in this way can expose the eye. Make sure to check that the eyes are still firmly closed before you begin your application.

Sometimes when you are lashing you will get a client whose lashes will sit flat on the lash pad making it difficult to apply lashes without touching the pad. There are a few taping methods that I have shown below that you can use to lift the lashes for easier application. If you decide to tape the lashes in any of these ways it is especially important that you check that the eye is not open at all. You need to get the right balance of lifting the lashes but if the eye is exposed you will more than likely find that your clients eyes red and sore after the treatment. Use your dental tool to quickly check that the adhesive fumes cannot irritate the eye in anyway.