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Wrapping Fans

How to wrap your fans

To get a good bond you need to ensure that:

  • Your adhesive is fluid enough to allow the bases to fall into place and form a snug fit

  • You hold the fan in place long enough to allow the adhesive to cure properly

  • You do not use too much adhesive or your fan will close/ add too much weight

Step by Step

1. Dip your fan base in the adhesive

2. Push the base of the fan onto the base of the natural lash

3. Bounce gently to encourage wrapping

4. Hold in place until you see the adhesive dull

5. Release and manipulate into place if need


Certain styles of isolation tweezers can provide a ledge for you to lean on if you feel unsteady when you attach. I  use long handled, short angled foot tweezers for isolation that I can rest my boot tweezers on should I need it.

Attachment on a model