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Imperfect Fans

Creating perfectly proportioned fans all the time is incredibly difficult and realistically it is unlikely that you will manage to create a volume set that is 100% perfect.

The perfect fan is just what you are aiming for. Do not beat yourself up if you are not getting that kind of fan every single time.

Here are some examples of how your fans can go wrong, the reasons and how to fix them.

If your lash fan closes....

This will be because you are picking up too much adhesive at the base of your fan and it is travelling upwards to fill the cavity and drawing the fan together. This will leave you with fans that either completely close and look like a classic extension or give you a Y shaped fan rather than a V. You can try picking up less adhesive or use one that is faster setting. Also, try holding the lash in place for a little longer.

If your bases are crossing....

This will probably be because you are rushing the technique or you are picking up at the wrong angle. Slow down and be more deliberate with your movements. Hold your tweezers at different angles until you find the best biting point. Pull the fan off the strip in the direction it is facing.

If your getting thick bases....

Make sure your bases are separated before you dip into the adhesive. The lashes may still be retaining too much tack from the strip. If I see this has occurred when I have removed my fan from the strip I place the base back on the strip (or other holding bay) while still firmly holding the fan and this will usually help separate them. You may also get T bars if the adhesive is setting before you reach the lash.

Crossed & Blunt Bases