Designing your Logo


You don't have to have a logo for your business but it will look more professional if you do.


First things first, you need to think of the audience you want to attract. Generally, the kind of person that is interested in lash extensions will be someone that places value in appearance so you want a well thought out, professional looking logo. You want to aim it at women (I've never had a male client?!?) so I'd recommend nothing too harsh.  You would want something that flows and something that incorporates softer colours.


Looking for inspiration


It's so easy to find inspiration now with so many image apps like Instagram and Pinterest for you to browse. It's great to have something unique but realistically there are so many lash techs out there that your logo will more than likely be similar to someone elses. That's just how it is. Everything comes from something and you can look at other peoples logos for inspiration, just don't intentionally copy them exactly. I've done a lot of research on logos and design and I've seen a lot of eyes and lashes incorporated into a logo and so many look alike but there are only so many ways you can get the message across in a business that focuses on eyes!


If you're stuck for inspiration I'd recommend looking at beauty magazines and product packaging and you should get a feel for what appeals to women.


When you've thought of your colours you can start to sketch out your logo. Keep it simple. You don't want anything overly complicated. You want your clients to be able to see it and get a feel for what you're about without having to try and understand it. You want a clear message. Stick to 3 colours as a maximum. Anything more and it's overpowering and you want it to be able to work in colour and greyscale.


When you have got a basic idea there are 2 ways you can go. If you're tech savvy you can do it all yourself. Lower down I show which design and editing programs I use to create my own advertising and you can make some impressive things BUT it is time consuming. I studied design and I enjoy it so I'm happy to sit and create things for hours but if you don't enjoy it then don't go down that route. The other option is to have a professional design it for you. I've seen people recommend sites like Fiver where you can get logo designs super cheap....and I have also seen what you get for that fiver. Let's just say....NOOOO! You get what you pay for and people that are good don't have to work for so little. I have seen some pretty decent logo designers for about £60 and they will revise your logo until you're happy with it and that's not going to break the bank!


Get Feedback!


Ask friends and family what they think of your design. Ask the other lash techs on here for their opinions. You might not get everyone liking it but that's just down to personal preference, as long as the general consensus is that it is good you're all set!

This logo is very different but still very effective. It's very bold and really grabs your attention. As I mentioned in the Colour use blog post, black signifies glamour and hot pink is playful, incredibly feminine and attractive. Again, the font flows nicely. I find that Italics are a popular choice in the beauty industry as they do add a touch of class and obviously, with the eye logo and name you know instantly what the business offers.

This logo by Lavinia Ungureanu particularly stood out to me when I was looking for some examples of good design work. It has everything you want in a logo. The image is high res, the clip art is simple and contrasts well with the white background. Grey is a very calming and serene colour that is associated with professionalism and the font flows well, is bold but still modern. You're not left wondering what this company is about.







On Facebook you also have an option to have a cover photo. This is a great opportunity for you to attract people to your page. It's the first thing that people see and you need to make that good impression. For me personally, when I first look at a Facebook page if the cover photo is too complicated and dull then I'm not exactly tempted to keep looking at the page.




This is the Facebook cover photo for Thefoyspa. When I was browsing through looking for some examples of good design this caught my eye. It's simple but attractive, the colours are warm and toned down but still bright and the font is fun. It's a high quality, neat and professional looking image that draws you in and also has a catchy tag line.


If you want to make your own logo....

SoThink Logo Maker is quite good for making your own logo. You do have to pay for it but it's what I have used for the last 6 years to do most of my advertising (although I have replaced it mostly with Canva now). There are a lot of images available on their that you can manipulate and overlay with text and you have control over opacity, font, sizing, outlines etc.

Or there are various free logo makers you can find online. Logo Garden is completely free to use and there sample logos look quite impressive.