Express Lashes

Express lashing is where you are using individual synthetic lashes to create a lash set but you do not bond them in the same way. It is a much faster treatment because you do not isolate the lashes but instead apply the synthetic lash so it bonds to multiple natural lashes. It is much like cluster lash treatments. 

When I began my beauty career I was shown how to express lash. The recommendation at the time was to leave the lashes on for no longer than two weeks and to have them removed professionally. Bonding the lashes in this manner WILL CAUSE DAMAGE as they grow out so my personal opinion is that this style of lashing should be used for special occasions only and the lashes MUST be removed professionally within a couple of days. 

I would recommend classic lashing over express lashing but express and cluster lashes are a more attractive option to younger clientele as it is much cheaper option. If you do offer it, you must make sure that your client understands that they will need to return to have them removed and as such you should book them in and include your removal fee within the initial price.

Lash damage caused by cluster lashes. Lashes that are not individually bonded must not be left on as the lashes grow.

Express Lash Video