What is LILA?

Lessons in Lash Artistry (LILA) is an online resource for lash technicians of all skill levels. The site contains a multitude of eyelash extension video tutorials covering all aspects of lashing to help you in becoming a Master Lash Artist. The site is set out in sections: Classic, Advanced and Volume Lash tutorials you can easily navigate and concentrate on areas most beneficial to you.

There are no limits on how many times you can visit the site or watch the tutorials and there are no renewal fees. Once you are a member the entire site becomes open to you.

Who is LILA for?

Are you finding that your lash sets are not lasting?


Do you have difficulty with isolation, attachment or are struggling to create uniform, beautifully dense lash extensions and are not sure how you can improve? There are many ways LILA can help. CLICK HERE to find out if being a LILA member will benefit you.


LILA is perfect for already qualified Eyelash Extension technicians that are looking to perfect their craft, boost their business and make some friends along the way.


However, it is not for anyone that does not have a basic understanding of Eyelash Extension treatments. In person training is vital especially if you have no previous experience. LILA can help you on your journey but it is not the start of it nor a replacement for initial training. 

A little more about our Eyelash Extension Training......

The Benefits of Membership

When you decide to become a LILA member you get complete access to all the content contained in the website but that is not all!

As well as the Eyelash Extension video tutorials there are also written step by steps and illustrations to guide you. A download section is available to you with consultation forms and visual guides for you to print out at home.