Use B and C Curls and a Feline flick/ Kitten effect to draw the eyes outwards

Eye Shapes

Shorter length B and C Curls are ideal but avoid lifting curls such as D and L Curls which can give a startled look. Feline flicks work well with this eye shape to balance out the eye.

Use C, D and L Curls to lift the outer corners.

Avoid using B and J Curls as these will accentuate the droop of the eye

If the distance between the eye is more than the length of an eye. Use strong curls like C, D and L and avoid Cat Eye effects.

Give the appearance of width by adding J or B curls on the outer lashes and give lift with L and C Curls in the lashline centre.

Use longer length C or L Curls to disguise the hood