After receiving my classic lash training from a very talented Lash Artist Jasmine this was my very 1st site I signed up for to proceed with my training and take me to the next level. I continue to come back to this site for reference and to continue my education. I would rate it 100 million ⭐️'S If I could.

                                                                               ~ Emily Chism

Within hours of joining this site I was so inspired and motivated to improve my lash skills, which is exactly what I needed. I learnt more in the first hour of reading thru the info and watching the videos than I did in the 1 day training that I did years ago. It's a constant source of sunshine in my life.

                                                                                       ~ Allison Board

I recently joined this group because as a lash artist I believe it's important as in any discipline to have continuous education. This industry is growing and there are new techniques and ideas, some good and some not so good all the time. Plus product in our lash industry are constantly changing as well. I saw Rachel's work and not only is she a talented lash artist, but she is a great mentor. I choose her because her work and ethics, the products she recommends have all been the kind of work and products I was looking for. I looked at many sites and artists that offer online training Rachel clearly was head and shoulders above any others. The videos are professional and extreme informative. The website contains detail instructions you can read or watch at your convenience. I have learned so much in the few weeks that I subscribed. The other aspect I love is that she offered challenges! These contests really help you to stretch and achieve goals. I'm not ready to enter yet but I certainly will. She's talented. She responds and comments very quickly to inquiries. She's very informative plus the Facebook group is a wealth of information and has been a great resource for me. So if your considering a online mentor/ training I can assure you won't find anyone better that Rachel Bridges Lessons in Lash Artistry. Thank you Rachel you're an amazing mentor!

                                                                                 ~ Carmen Shelley

I've been lashing for around 8 months now and this is my new passion. I started out with classics but quickly progressed into Volume. I've been getting good results but wanted to expand my skills hence why I joined LILA. I was put off by the price at first but within a few minutes of looking around the website I soon discovered that it was worth every penny. I've been a member now for about 1 month and haven't looked back. For anyone like me who's wondering is it worth the money then my answer is most definitely yes, yes, yes. Once I've mastered a few more skills I will be putting myself forward for the online certificate I can't wait to be known as a master lash artist.

                                                                                   ~ Karen Baguley

Since becoming a Lash Technician/lash artist, I've realised learning does not stop! You have to continue to refresh and keep up with the new techniques, and be in demand always. That's where Lessons in Lashes come in! Not only is the website professional and fresh, it's also regularly updating all the latest techniques and trends, to help technicians stay up to date. I'm learning all the time from them, it is truly the best thing I've done, now I can keep learning at my own pace, and understand all the new tricks from other technicians too. Thank you LILA.

                                                                                       ~ BLAB London