When you first enter the site you will find that it is laid out in sections. The first section covers Classic lashing and all the basic principles associated with lash extensions. The second section covers the more advanced lashing techniques and the third explains how to create volume lash sets. There is also a business section to help to build your business and offers design and marketing advice.

Here you can ask any questions you may have and ask for feedback on your sets. It has become a very welcoming community of lash techs. There is absolutely no negativity and there are so many lovely like-minded women and men always willing to help. You will of course also be able to ask me personally any questions you may have either in the Facebook group or via email.

Get Certified!

Once you have joined the site you also have the option to then become certified. When you buy your membership you get access to the entire Lessons in Lash Artistry site allowing you to learn and practice your techniques at your own pace, all the while having access to a private Facebook page with some of the most talented lash artists in the world as members.

Master Lash Artist Certificate


Russian Volume Certificate


Then when you are ready....

When you feel like you are ready to be assessed  you can then apply for your certification for an additional £120 fee per course. You must have completed a basic eyelash extension course before you can become certified in either online course.


You will then be required to submit at least 5 case studies, each upon a different individual, to demonstrate that you have understood and can perform the techniques. These will need to be in high resolution so I can best assess your skills and award you with your certificate.


These courses are accredited by Lash Inc and it is the responsibility of the purchaser to make any necessary enquiries and ensure that these qualifications are recognised by your governing body/ insurance provider as recognition may vary between countries. Please check with your insurer before that you will be covered before you pay for the course. If you are UK based you can get your insurance through Balens or for the USA you can gain insurance with Associated Skincare Professionals. All other countries please check.

Are you ready to start?

If you are not a member already please go to the Join Now page to sign up and get access. The case study criteria can be found at the bottom page of the Advanced and Volume sections.


When you feel like you are ready to begin the certification process please email Rachel at lila-ltd@hotmail.com.