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Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid sets are a mixture of both volume and classic. You can use both within one set to get the benefits of each. Hybrid sets are ideal for clients that don't like the extreme density that volume lashing can bring and also for those clients restricted on time. They tend to produce a more natural looking, textured set of lashes.

You can put in a structure of your classic lashes. Space them equally throughout the set in a longer length and then infill with volume. This is a popular way of creating hybrid lashes as you can achieve quite a spikey look. The ratio you use is completely up to you. I tend to do a 50/50 split but you can customise it depending on what your clients want.

You can also customise your sets to add density to certain areas, for example, sections that are particularly sparse or an area that you want to emphasise. If you are doing a kitten effect you could use volume lashes for your longest lengths where you want the most emphasis while applying classic to the rest of the lashline.