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Making Connections in the Lash World


We all know social media, apps and the internet as a way for people all over the world to share their lives precious moments, experiences of all kinds, spread their cultural achievements and other various happenings. Have you realized what this means to our lash community? The potential to spread your wings wider and embrace people and information like never before!

When I began lashing I, like many, took a class with a big named company (because I didn't know what else to do) and thought I was going to sore with all of  the materials and information I had received. I was hungry and extremely motivated to do my best and work with the best so I kept seeking more and more and more.  

And then....POP...out of that tiny bubble I emerged into a plethora of information from all over the world.  From Facebook groups & webinars to email blasts containing tips and tricks & online classrooms to Instagram. I literally couldn't get enough! Finding friends around the globe, seeing work from nearly every continent and the differences from each artists work (all of which I take in as a learning moment). 

I’ve made connections with strong women with businesses and lash experience, willing to share and compare what they know with open minds and genuine hearts. I’ve found numerous resources for education, got many opinions on the varying teachers, as well as finding collaborative classrooms where multiple master lash educators come together for some stellar training and information. All because of the connections made on the internet. I have won competitions, been published in global magazines and calendars, been certified with half a dozen trainers (learned something new from each), left my country for the first time to train abroad (while meeting many of my Fb friends in person) and found others who love fantasy lash art as much as I do, who never stop inspiring! All due to the connections I’ve made on the internet.


I’ve been able to meet some local artists, brainstorm with them and get a real sense of community in my community and also had the opportunity to share with you, yes also due to connections in the industry. And I’m not talking brown nosing, I'm talking about people with years of experience opening up to others as mentors just because they love what we do and they want everyone to be able to reach their potential. A truly uplifting experience!

For someone entering this industry at this time I can only imagine the wow when they realize they have hundreds of companies/products to choose from. That is, when they realize how much is truly out there. The lash world is growing rapidly and instead of wasting thousands more dollars on trail and error with lash after lash or class after class...our community speaks! They’ll give you opinions on what’s best for them and what wasn’t worth it to them. Or share tips and tricks you may not have been taught or just overlooked in your class(es). Making connections is easier than ever now! And don’t think I spend my days behind a computer! I am a business owner, mother of two with a tight schedule, so if I can find ten minutes a day to network online and find one piece of the puzzle at a time I am game and so should you! And I intend to share what I’ve picked up on the way with as many people who are interested.

I have found true friends, great products, exceptional trainings and a wealth of knowledge...all at my fingertips and yours! Be sure to make a few good connections and the snowball effect will take you to places you may never even known you were destined to be!



I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce to you some sites and forums that have been particularly helpful in this journey and hope that some of them become a piece of your experience as well!



Lessons in Lash Artistry

Lash Inc Magazine Group

Lash Society

Lashers Unite

Increase new lash clients and bookings (Lisa Corwood)

Global Lash Summit

Flawless training (must have taken training with Loretta)

International Lash Calendar


A Passion for Lash’n

Lash Artist Lounge

Lash Obsession - UK Group

Lash Artist Tips and Tricks

And so many more!!! You can be added to groups by friends in the groups or seek them out and invite your lash pals!


Educators and amazing companies;

Lessons in Lash Artistry online training and manuals (UK)

Avemo (Norway)

The Lash Collection (US&CA)

Flawless by Loretta (UK)

My Brand Lashes (US&CA)

Stalla Lash Academy & The-Lash_Shop (US)

Enchanted Spa (AU)

Starlash Academy (Poland)

Lash Affair (US)

Lash Art University (Ukraine)

Bella Lash (US)