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Spiked Set

Spiked sets are becoming a very popular and sought after look. These looks can be a little difficult to achieve and can require more planning and concentration. You can do this set in classic lashes but you might find the retention improves if you use flat lashes. The problem with these kind of sets is that they do not wear evenly.

We can't know for sure which lashes are about to shed so it is possible that your client could lose the longer lengths leaving the set looking uneven. Because of this I would recommend not leaving any more that 2 weeks between infills.

Step by Step

Start by marking on your pad where you want the centre of the 'spikes' to be. There really isn't enough room on the pad to label all the lengths you will be using so draw a visual guide instead.

Then I draw on the lines to create the valleys between the very tips of the spikes. Here I have demonstrated how you work mark up for a Dolly look.

I start off with my longest length (pink) . In the video I start with a 14 but obviously you need to assess your client's lashes and adapt the sizes so you are not overloading the natural lash. I add in 2/3 x 14mm where I have marked the tip of the spikes except for where I will be graduating the lengths.

For the shorter spikes take the length down to a 12.

And then also add in 12s as your next length down in the spike. Do 2 or 3 on each side of the 14s depending on how many lashes your client has.

You can choose to do steep spikes (if your client has long, strong lashes) or you can do a more gentle gradient for shorter lashes.

For less obvious spikes or for clients with shorter lashes you can do consecutive lengths in your spike. For example, Start with a 13mm to create the centre of your spike and then your next length down is a 12, 11, 10 etc.

Continue in the same way taking the length down again. I used 2x 10s (orange).

And finally infill with 8/9s  and then a few 6s or 7s on the inner corner to your complete set.

Then again 2 x 9s either side of each spike

Gradual Spike

Creating Density

If you want to make the spikes look fuller you can also stack the lashes. Using a shorter finer lash like a 0.10, you can attach it at an angle on your base lashes. 


The diagram shows one of the spikes and essentially what you need to do is halve it and then mirror the other side. So, on the  longest lashes, stack them so the lashes face each other and then work outwards from there.


You can use 0.10s that are the same size or slightly longer than the lash you are stacking or reduce the length and weight but attach it further up the lash for the same effect.

Spiked Set Video Tutorial

Spiked Set on a model