A website should really 'WORK' for you...I mean work like when you're lashing and providing beauty, it's grabbing new clients and hand delivering them to you. And not just when you're working...but even while you're sleeping. It's true...and if it's not it's time to break up with your website...or retrain it.

Your website should be easy to maintain, update and change whenever you feel like it. This is of course if you're going at it alone. If someone is doing it for you make sure it's working double time, because it's probably costly if and when you want to update and change it.


So here's why your website isn't working for you:


1. Your website is not mobile friendly...and Google is pushing you away. This one is a BIGGIE...as of April 20th, 2015, if your website doesn't pass the mobile test Google will begin to slide your site further down the search positions...**No Bueno** CLICK HERE  to see if your website passes.


2. There's not enough built in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) -  your website should have this built in so all you have to do is add in the keywords you're targeting to position for on Google. If it takes more than 3 clicks to do this...you're using the wrong website building platform.


3.Images are not properly tagged - Search engines like it when you tag your pictures so that they have more to crawl over on your website. The more appropriate tags, the better.


4.You're not including your targeting keywords within text on your website - Not to have keyword overkill but within your text you should mention your targeted keywords. Again search engines like that!

In the screenshot image you'll see that my website is WORKING for me! I'm the only business give or take maybe one that is showing up on the first page here. How did I do that? Well I didn't pay anyone to do it for me. But I did research keywords that aligned with my neighborhood/community and then strategically placed them on my website, my blog and my social media platforms....And it's Working...Really Well!


If you're not on the first page of major search engines, let's get you there!


I'd love to chat about getting your website to Work for You! I'm available for Phone or Email Brainstorming sessions, and for Beauty Business Booster Sessions. You can reach me at www.thelashceo.com






Guest Blog Post by Rickina Velte, Licensed Esthetician, Owner at Lashes & A Wink. Founder of TheLashCeo.com

Why Your Website Doesn't Bring You New Eyelash Extension Clients | Lash Business Success