Tara Walsh - The Lashpreneur

Hi LILAs! My name is Tara Walsh and I am a Lash Industry Business Owner, Coach, Consultant, Educator and a Lash Artist just like you. I joined LILA in Oct 2015 which was around the same time I opened my very own lash extension business. I was HUNGRY for knowledge. I had taken several trainings on the technical application of both classic and volume lashes and it was after my volume training where I saw these other lash artists (who were much younger than me!) running their own lash businesses and working for themselves. I thought to myself “if they can do it, I can do it!” Now, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and 8 years of sales and marketing experience to my credit, but when I opened my lash biz all by my lonesome… I was desperate for the blue print. The step by step of what I needed to do to have a successful lash business. I mean even Google was hard pressed to provide the exact info I was looking for on how to start a lash business. And reaching out to other lash artists for mentorship or the “how to’s” was a lesson in the “what not to do’s” of the industry but never the “here’s my formula for success”. Until NOW.

I created an online business coaching and mentorship website and community called “The Lashpreneur”. Now you could be the best and fastest lash artist in the world who makes the densest and fluffiest lashes with the perfect eye styling, but if nobody knows about you…and you’re the world’s best kept secret, you broke. You're struggling to stay afloat and you have a very pricey hobby on your hands. Now if you want to take lashing from being your hobby to becoming a successful and profitable lash artist you need 2 things…the technical application to make lashes extra “fleeky” and protect the natural lash health of your clients and secondly…you need clients! You need to know how to keep your doors open, how to pay your bills, how to keep new clients coming in the door and to keep your current clients from leaving. If you are lost when it comes to running a business or are tired of playing the business guessing game, I encourage you to come join the Lashpreneur community of myself along with other badass business women who want to learn, share and support you to achieve a thriving lash business you may have never thought possible. Visit us at www.thelashpreneur.com and come follow us on FB and Instagram for daily lash biz tips that you can start to implement in your lash biz today! It’s been a pleasure e-meeting you and I look forward to a successful year to come.


Have a good one!


Tara Walsh The Lashpreneur