Looking after your mental health is almost more important than looking after your heart, body & limbs.


Mental health comes in all shapes and sizes, all looks and all guises. The older gentleman out for a walk, the young mother having coffee with her friends, the middle aged well dressed lady driving her car and the young boys and girls smiling.


Have you ever looked further, deeper into their eyes, cared if their smiles are genuine, heard more into what they say?


People suffering from these issues are world class actors and actresses. Mental health should NOT still be the stigma it was, should NOT be a taboo subject, should NOT be shied away from. This illness should be tackled, talked about, discussed and helped, whether that be anxiety, depression, self harm, bi polar or the many other forms it takes.


Finding the right help is still somewhat of a mine field and can rest on so many anomalies. Are parents, friends, colleagues willing to step in to say they are concerned? Is there a sympathetic and understanding Doctor, who is willing to refer for relevant help? Is that help accessible quickly or are the waiting lists too long in such desperate situations. Is the financial backing to get private help available if all other options are not quickly to hand. All these and more are very overwhelming when the situation is in dire need.


Mental health illnesses CAN be conquered, there is ALWAYS hope and when that person has run out of hope for themselves WE MUST stand and bridge that gap, pray for them, hope for them, fight for them, until their hope is restored and they can fight for themselves.


#makingadifference #bridgingthegap