Have you ever had your volume fans just ping off when you brush through your volume sets?

Soul destroying isn't it! All that time and effort carefully placing and holding snug to the lash line for it to be completely unappreciative and escape the second it gets a chance.


When we attach our volume fans we are aiming to get multiple points of attachment between the natural and synthetic lash and the synthetic lashes themselves. This secure wrapping is what gives us such longevity to our volume sets. But sometimes we are left hopelessly flailing about at the end of a volume set because we thought we had finished only to find that our fans have other ideas. ​ So how could they do this to us?? ​ Well the most likely culprit is your adhesive. To curve and wrap around the natural lash it still needs to be in a fluid state. By the time you reach the lash to attach, the adhesive may have cured to the point where it is still tacky enough to attach but not fluid enough to wrap. ​ We need to find out why our adhesive is setting too fast. ​ Is it your humidity or room temperature? If so we can implement strategies to fix that. Dehumidifiers and air conditioning... What humidity and working temperature do your suppliers recommend? Following the guidelines you are given by the manufacturer is the best way to get on well with your adhesive. Could you alter your technique so you can attach faster? Your adhesive may be setting before you get to the lash purely because you are taking too long to place it. ​ Or perhaps this particular adhesive is just too fast setting for you? If you have played around with all the variables with no joy then it might be a good idea to try an adhesive with a slower curing time.

​Thick Bases

If your adhesive is curing too quickly and you can't wrap you can also end up with thick bases or Tbars. This is where the synthetic lashes bond to each other in a line rather than forming a slim base. They have set too much to wrap and just sit on top of the lash. Because we then don't have that smooth transition from the natural lash to a slim base, the corners of the base jut out and can catch when your clients is brushing or cleaning. It also offers an area for dirt and debris to accumulate

Pre-made or Hand Made?

As we know, handmade fans when attached correctly, will wrap around the natural lash and give us a really strong bond. BUT you can also buy premade fans. Having the fan readily prepared can make life a lot easier but where the base has already been glued or heat bonded it can't wrap. It sits on top of the lash, much like the thick base fan in the video. In my personal experience I have found premades do not last as long as a handmade set.

And what about the skill of a handmade set?

Learning to volume lash is not easy. Many, many hours of practice are needed. It is definitely a skill and we should charge accordingly. So I would love to know your thoughts and what your opinions of premade fans are. How does your retention fare when using them?

I am not against their use. Afterall, some clients don't want to lay still for hours or have the extra cost that entails but I feel that they should be advertised in a way that represents their difference to handmade volume.

What are your thoughts?

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