Francesca Middleton, founder of the LASHacademy at LASH by Francesca in 2007, and considers herself a lash artist and entrepreneur in the eyelash extension beauty industry. 


As a specialist and leading UK lash technician, Francesca is trainer qualified, ‘Master’ certified and an expert in crafting eyelash extensions in the classic (1:1) and volume (x:1) techniques and delivers private accredited training courses in these disciplines.  The LASHacademy are leaders in eyelash extension application and was the first training school in the UK to be accredited with the volume/multilash application.


Francesca Middleton

Francesca bases herself in London but travels extensively as an international trainer whilst still overseeing a successful international training school for lash technicians, who want to provide outstanding lashwork, a professional product range and private salon.

Francesca’s passion to train lash technicians to be at the top of their game has earnt the reputation of being the Master’s Trainer with past students and trainers achieving individual acclaimed success.


The LASHacademy have their own range of high performance lash products and include the LASH#1 Adhesive, LASHv and LASHs which work well for classic technique, volume technique and a no fume adhesive for sensitive clients.




Past student testimonials


I appreciate the opportunities I have been given with your company, as well as your professional guidance and support.’

Loreta J of Flawless L’Lashes



'I recently completed LASH by Francesca’s advanced course and it has really made a difference to my technique. It has also given me the confidence to use different lashes and use more advanced styles on my clients. As a result the feedback I have had from my clients has been amazing, they love how natural looking and long lasting they are! I cannot recommend Francesca’s courses enough and I think her technique and expertise is the best in the industry.'

Sam Gregory


Francesca is dedicated to perfecting the eyelash extension industry as a whole, not just herself, her reputable company or her highly regarded lash academy. Building on a foundation of passion for all that is lashes she sincerely puts so much dedication into sharing and creating wonderful lashes not just for clients or mentoring pupils, but with other lashers near and far.

Sherene Treat, USA


Fantastic training with Francesca, I had a great day, thank you.

Michelle Ryan