Wiggle Technique

Wiggle technique is, in my opinion, the hardest technique to master. The results you get can depend on the style of tweezers that you choose. You can use any style but I would recommend a style that has a longer, slim foot such as curved and angled styles. These styles allow you to manipulate the lashes into place more easily but as always, a great biting point is a must.

      How to make the fan

  1. Isolate the number of lashes you would like

  2. Pull those lashes towards you but so they still remain on the strip

  3. Grasp the lashes with enough pressure to hold them but not so much that they are unable to roll between the feet of the tweezers

  4. Resting the foot of the tweezers on the base of the lashes, rock your tweezers side to side (slightly)

  5. Manipulate each lash into place to create an even fan if needed

  6. Grip tightly, pull forward and off of the strip


Grab the fan as far from the base as you are able. If you pick up too close to the base it will make attachment more difficult. You may have to 'lean' on the adjacent lashes so you can grasp your fan midway.

Angle is everything! If your fan isn't rolling or you can't pick up then angle your tweezers more towards yourself. This technique requires a more upright angle.

Less is more! Wiggle too much and you'll likely lose the fan. Small, deliberate and fluid movements will help you create a good fan.

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